«I was straying by the river that day. A mongrel-without-a-name, I met him on my way. He was a young little dog. I was walking into waist-deep virgin snow falling through. He went following me sinking up to his ears. He was attracted to the trouble that I've made for my own. And I… almost all the time we walked the same way, I was thinking about that ugly moment when it needs to let him know - I walk alone.

«I'm going home, - I said, - and you, Mongrel-without-a-name, you are staying». My time was up. I left the riverside. He saw me off to the stairs leading to the city. He looked at me and turned away. He stayed there. I was coming back to my place, ashamed by Mongrel-without-a-name. I ran into apartment, climbed a ceiling shelf. Luckily, I found a leash. In a big hurry I was heading back to the river. Found nobody.»