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About a black and white portrait: 
From the interview.
“... Not so long ago I was asked a question - do you take pictures of ordinary people? At least half of all the portraits I take are not actors at all, and most of the time these people are not used to being in front of the camera. ” “... When you see a monochromatic portrait, then all the excess is cut off. I need people to look into the eyes of a person. And it doesn't matter what color their eyes are. The important thing is what is in their eyes” 
“... Often I ask a person to look at the reflection of themselves. And sometimes there is no reflective surface anywhere near us, only their own imagination. ”
"... I would call the process that I learn by photographing people -" creating a portrait of a person." Not a model. I understand that someone wants to look like a model from a magazine, and that’s their right. But it is not interesting for me, because it is not unique. It seems that the people whose portraits I am taking are not interested in that either. ”